The Staff


The Community Foundation staff are experienced professionals dedicated to the organization’s mission and values. Meet your philanthropic team:


Bradley Hurlburt
President & CEO

Bradley Hurlburt joined the Community Foundation as President and CEO in September 2013. Hurlburt came to the Foundation after a 30-plus year career in fundraising at colleges, universities and public television. While at the Foundation he has worked on positioning the Foundation as a community collaborator and leader across its service area.

Brad is responsible for providing the vision and leadership for shaping the Community Foundation's role as a civic leader, grantmaker and philanthropic partner while overseeing the Foundation’s daily operations.

Brad is the Chair of the Leadership Team of the Community Foundations of Florida, part of the Florida Philanthropic Network.

Brad can be reached by calling him directly at 561-340-4502 or by email at

Steve Erjavec
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Erjavec is the Chief Financial Officer of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. This key role is responsible for the Foundation’s financial reporting, risk management functions, budget, technology roadmap, and investment oversight.  Steve oversees all of these essential components with a focus on strategic management of the organization’s resources to maximize return on investment.

Steve can be reached by calling him directly at 561-340-4506 or by email at

Nikki Miskura
Accounting Director

As the Accounting Director, Nikki Miskura can answer questions you may have regarding a contribution you have made or would like to make, a payment you are expecting to receive, or any general questions regarding your fund balance. 

Nikki can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4507 or by email at


Carolyn Derrico
Executive Assistant

Carolyn Derrico, Executive Assistant, reports directly to Brad Hurlburt, President & CEO, and serves as a liaison to the Board of Directors and all board committees. Please contact Carolyn with any board-related questions or to schedule an appointment with Mr. Hurlburt.

Carolyn can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4515 or by email at

Sandra Mari
Office and Facilities Administrator 

Sandy Mari is the Office and Facilities Manager. If you have questions regarding payment of an invoice, please contact Sandy. If you are looking for information on using the community rooms or would like to reserve a date to use them, please feel free to contact her as well. 

Sandy can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4501 or by email at

Sandra Reid
Administrative Assistant

Sandra Reid is Administrative Assistant. She manages the front office. If you need assistance with gift receipt letters or the scholarship directory, or if you need to RSVP for an event, please contact her.

Sandra can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4500 or by email at


January Reissman
Vice President for Community Impact

January Reissman, VP of Community Investments, leads the strategy, initiatives and grantmaking for the Community Investment team in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. If you are interested in learning more about our strategic focus areas (Community Revitalization, Educational Attainment & Positive Youth Development), grant opportunities or ways to collaborate with local organizations, don’t hesitate to reach out.

January can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4511 or by email at


Daryl Houston
Community Impact Officer

Daryl Houston is the Community Investment Office for the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties.  In this role, he focuses on working with donors, nonprofit organizations and community partners to invest grant resources in our community to make it a stronger and safer place to live.  Nonprofit organizations serving Palm Beach County or Martin County that are interested in learning about the Foundation’s grant opportunities,  please contact him.

Daryl can be reached by calling him directly at 561-340-4509 or by email at .

Eric Aquino
Community Impact Coordinator

Eric Aquino, Community Investment Coordinator, oversees the administration of the Scholarship Program for the Community Foundation. If you are a student, you can contact Eric for all your scholarship needs! If you are a high school student applying for a scholarship or you are currently a recipient in need of information regarding your award, please contact him.

Eric can be reached by calling him directly at 561-340-4504 or by email at


Sheila Kinman, CAP®
Senior Vice President for Philanthropic Giving

Sheila Kinman is the Senior Vice President for Philanthropic Giving. Sheila works with donors and professional advisors to establish new funds, facilitate non-cash, complex charitable gifts and develop charitable bequests for estate plans. Sheila loves working with donor, professional advisors and anyone looking to make a meaningful impact through philanthropy.

Sheila can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4503 or by email at


Kati Erickson
Donor Relations Officer

Kati Erickson, Donor Relations Officer, manages the Community Foundation's donor relations program, working to meet the charitable needs of current fundholders. She is happy to help if you would like to give a gift to your fund, make your fund a part of your estate plans, open a new fund or amend your current fund. She can also assist you with your grantmaking including charitable giving opportunities and co-investing with other donors. 

Kati can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4508 or by email at


Chris Snyder
Charitable Giving Officer

Chris Snyder, Charitable Giving Officer, works closely with professional advisors and the Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Advisory Council to provide resources and expertise to help meet their clients’ philanthropic goals.

He also assists individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations with establishing charitable funds to achieve their charitable goals through engagement with the many services offered by the Community Foundation.  Additionally, he supports the acquisition and administration of planned gifts, including life income gifts, estate gifts, and bequests.

Chris can be reached by calling him directly at 561-340-4512 or by email at


C. Bonnie Mitchell
Donor Services Manager

Bonnie Mitchell, Donor Services Manager, is happy to assist you with your charitable giving fund.  Please call her if you have questions about or cannot access our online fund management portal, DonorCentral.  She can assist you with your grant recommendations and answer any questions. 

Bonnie can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4505 or by email at

Anne Allieri
Information Systems Manager

Anne Allieri, Information Systems Manager, is responsible for coordinating the information management program for the Community Foundation, evolving the Foundation’s information systems and processes to higher levels of efficiency and maturity. 

Anne can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4516 or by email at


Kasie Strausbaugh
Donor Relations Coordinator

Kasie Strausbaugh, Donor Relations Coordinator, serves our nonprofit fund holders with all of their fund needs and helps steward our entire fund holder population. Whether it be managing donor events, guiding fund holders through unique giving strategies, or creating content to engage our audiences – Kasie is always looking to make philanthropy an easy and joyful experience. If you are a nonprofit fund holder or want to expand your engagement with the Community Foundation, please contact her.

Kasie can be reached by calling her directly at 561-340-4516 or by email at



Corrie Keller, APR
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Corrie Keller, APR, directs all marketing and communication strategies for the Foundation. A key leader on the management team, Corrie provides trusted counsel, strategic planning, research and relationship management to ensure the best possible experience for stakeholders. She helps build awareness of the Foundation and its charitable services to donors, professional advisors, nonprofit organizations and community partners throughout Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Corrie also serves as President of the Palm Beach Public Relations Society of America chapter.

For media inquiries, Corrie can be reached by email at or by phone at 561-340-4510.