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Three Reasons Your Clients Can Benefit from a Donor Advised Fund

While every client has their own taxable situation, there are three common reasons a donor-advised fund can serve as a powerful tax planning tool. Let’s begin with, what is a Donor Advised Fund? A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable fund that enables donors to manage their charitable

The End of Year Crunch - DAFs Opened in Ten Minutes

If your clients are like most, they think about a variety of financial decisions throughout the year, only to act on them quickly by December 31st. Charitable giving often occurs in the same way. Donors make their gifts in a rush by the end of the year - for tax reasons, or because they made a

Advisors - Continuing Education Credits Available

Did you know that the Community Foundation offers presentations that qualify for CE credits? Sheila Kinman, CAP©, offers a 50-min. presentation approved for CLE, CFP and CPE credit.  This presentation focuses on donor case studies and explains the value of charitable giving as an effective

Do Donor-Advised Funds Really Make an Impact?

The answer is yes and here’s why! It’s no secret that  donor-advised funds (DAF) are a unique philanthropic tool and are the fastest growing charitable giving vehicles in the nation. DAF’s allow your clients to establish a charitable fund at an institution, such as a community foundation, and

Can Nonprofits Earn Interest on Rainy Day Savings?

Many local nonprofits rely on donations to provide the majority of their financial support.   As a solution, smart nonprofits are turning to investments to earn interest and grow a substantial 'rainy day' reserve.    Nonprofit Investment Funds authorize the Community Foundation to manage

Myths about a Community Foundation

There are many misconceptions about donating through the Community Foundation. MYTH: I can only donate through the Community Foundation to charities in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. FACT: You may donate to any charity in the USA and, in most situations, you may support international

How Will Charitable Giving Benefit Those Who Aren't Itemizing Deductions?

IRA Charitable Rollover If you are 70½ or older, you may be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals.  An IRA charitable rollover is the perfect way to help your favorite causes and charities benefit this year.  To avoid any tax liability, IRA distributions

For Advisors: Talk with Clients Now About Charitable Plans and Avoid Year End Stress

Many clients traditionally make many of their donations to charities at the end of each year, or rush to set up donor advised funds or other charitable vehicles in December. This creates unnecessary pressure upon the donors, the charities that receive the donations, and especially the financial,

For Advisors: Why Your Clients are Asking About Philanthropy Tools

According to the most recent U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy conducted in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School Philanthropy, 98% of high-net worth clients are giving to favorite charities each year. And they want help from their attorneys, accountants, and

For Advisors: Doing Good and Feeling Great - Keeping Up with the Clients' Mindset

If you have any doubt that your clients are walking in your door with social impact on their minds, just take a look around! Doing good is everywhere! It's critical that you're aware of this trend so you can maximize social impact as an emotional hook to build client loyalty and next generation