When Donating Non-Cash Gifts, Timing and Valuation is Important

Donating non-cash gifts like privately held stock can be tax-advantageous for you, but the donation process requires planning and a carefully laid out timeline that simple gifts of cash do not. Gifts of non-cash (or complex) assets can help you meet significant charitable goals while potentially

IRA Charitable Rollover Offers Unique Giving Opportunity

An IRA Charitable Rollover provides owners of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) with a unique giving opportunity to support their favorite charities without being subject to federal income tax on the distribution from a traditional IRA. This is particularly beneficial for those with a passion

Why the Donor-Advised Fund is a Vehicle You Need to Know

Donor-advised funds (or charitable giving funds) are the fastest growing philanthropic planning vehicle in today’s wealth management marketplace. Donor-advised funds have risen dramatically in popularity over the last several years. This type of giving vehicle is popular because they allow an

Five Ways Your Community Foundation Can Boost Your Holiday Joy

1. Build family connections through philanthropy Charitable giving is a great way to bring families together. This year, consider browsing the community foundation’s website to discover information about the community you love. Print a few pages or articles to share with your family at holiday

For Advisors: Talk with Clients Now About Charitable Plans and Avoid Year End Stress

Many clients traditionally make many of their donations to charities at the end of each year, or rush to set up donor advised funds or other charitable vehicles in December. This creates unnecessary pressure upon the donors, the charities that receive the donations, and especially the financial,

Having a Plan For Giving is Always a Good Idea

A generous couple came to me recently with a stack of direct mail solicitations from local and national charities. The stack was high – it contained colorful appeals from every type of worthy cause- education, animals, the arts, hospitals, veterans groups, environmental, faith-based organizations

Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Stock – Will You Seize the Moment?

Right now is a unique opportunity for your charitable giving.  Why? The major stock market indexes are trading at record levels and federal tax policies remain unchanged. This is the perfect time to consider making end-of-year charitable gifts. Policy makers in Washington D.C. are

Community Foundation Grants Record $9.98 Million to Charities in Fiscal Year

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties celebrated another year of monumental charitable giving. Collectively, community impact funds of the Community Foundation granted nearly 1.6 million to nonprofit organizations in 2017. In addition, the Community Foundation

Gifts of Appreciated Stock - Will You Seize the Moment?

Right now is a unique opportunity for you or your clients' giving.  Why? The stock market is posting record gains and federal tax policies remain unchanged.  This is the perfect time to consider making charitable gifts. Policy makers in Washington D.C. are considering introducing changes to

For Advisors: Why Your Clients are Asking About Philanthropy Tools

According to the most recent U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy conducted in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School Philanthropy, 98% of high-net worth clients are giving to favorite charities each year. And they want help from their attorneys, accountants, and