When Donating Non-Cash Gifts, Timing and Valuation is Important

Donating non-cash gifts like privately held stock can be tax-advantageous for you, but the donation process requires planning and a carefully laid out timeline that simple gifts of cash do not. Gifts of non-cash (or complex) assets can help you meet significant charitable goals while

Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Stock – Will You Seize the Moment?

Right now is a unique opportunity for your charitable giving.  Why? There are two reasons, most of us make our charitable contributions by the end of the year and also many of us own highly appreciated stock that could be subject to long-term capital gain taxes. Donating appreciated

Five Ways Your Community Foundation Can Boost Your Holiday Joy

Five Ways Your Community Foundation Can Boost Your Holiday Joy 1. Build family connections through philanthropy Charitable giving is a great way to bring families together. This year, consider browsing the community foundation’s website to discover information about the community you love.

Savvy Donors Think Long-Term

Think of your favorite nonprofit organization. What benefits does it offer to our community? What services would be missing if it closed its door? How would it affect our community?  Increased competition for limited charitable dollars has taken its toll on many worthwhile organizations. A vast

The End of the Year is Almost Upon Us -Why the Donor-Advised Fund is a Wise Option

Donor-advised funds (or charitable giving funds) are the fastest growing philanthropic planning vehicle in today’s wealth management marketplace. Donor-advised funds have risen dramatically in popularity over the last several years. This type of giving vehicle is popular because they allow an

The End of Year Crunch - DAFs Opened in Ten Minutes

If your clients are like most, they think about a variety of financial decisions throughout the year, only to act on them quickly by December 31st. Charitable giving often occurs in the same way. Donors make their gifts in a rush by the end of the year - for tax reasons, or because they made a

On the Table Hopes to Get Friends, Family and Neighbors Together

How do you inspire change? Kind of a lofty question, right? We all know change can be difficult – sometimes, we hide (or run) from it. Or we simply ignore the fact that change is necessary. But change can be wonderful, too. Especially once you realize that even simple actions can inspire

Community Foundation Launches On the Table

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties invites residents throughout the region to share a meal and discuss meaningful ideas to strengthen the community during the localized nationwide movement, On the Table, a national initiative funded by the John S. and James L. Knight

Community Foundation Provides Matching Grant to Marjory Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties provided a 25,000 matching grant to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Victims’ Fund, managed by the Broward Education Foundation. The Foundation matched board member Julie Fisher Cummings’ charitable contribution. Cummings sits on

Can Nonprofits Earn Interest on Rainy Day Savings?

Many local nonprofits rely on donations to provide the majority of their financial support.   As a solution, smart nonprofits are turning to investments to earn interest and grow a substantial 'rainy day' reserve.    Nonprofit Investment Funds authorize the Community Foundation to manage