The goal of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties is to ensure that the charitable dollars entrusted to us are available to the community forever. Through prudent stewardship of our assets, we strive to maximize available grant dollars while ensuring that we serve as a permanent philanthropic resource for our region.

The responsibility for managing the Foundation’s investment portfolio is vested in our board of directors through its Investment Committee. This committee works closely with staff and the independent consulting firm Morgan Stanley to establish investment policy, implement asset allocation, set benchmarks and monitor the individual investment managers and their performance on a quarterly basis. The use of a spending policy ensures our charitable funds are protected for the future while having the most impact today.

The board also has an Audit Committee that works with the Foundation’s management and staff to ensure rigorous financial controls and high administrative standards. 

Our donors have the option of selecting from a variety of investment options:


  • Long-Term Portfolio – A balanced portfolio of liquid, semi-liquid and illiquid assets (illiquid assets not to exceed 30%).  Total return approach intending to preserve the real dollar value of the funds. This option is best for a long-term time horizon generally greater than three years.                                         
  • Indexed Portfolio - Diversified portfolio of global stocks and bonds with a growth emphasis through indexed funds. This option is best for a long-term time horizon generally greater than three years.   
  • Intermediate-Term Portfolio – A liquid portfolio that balances liquidity needs with a reasonable level of capital appreciation. This option is best for a time horizon generally less than three years.   
  • Money Market/Cash Portfolio - Portfolio of cash/cash equivalents to maintain liquidity and preserve principal. This option is best for a short-term time horizon generally less than one year.    

Financial Highlights
(July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

Total Assets: $171 million
Grants Awarded:  $9.2 million
Total Funds: More than 300 and growing!
Cumulative grants (since inception): more than $150 million


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Consolidated Financial Statements with Independent Auditors' Reports:

View our tax-exempt status letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

A completed IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, for the Community Foundation is available online through Guidestar and can also be viewed here (Form 990-T), Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return, is also available upon request from the Foundation.

Tax Information

The Community Foundation's EIN is 23-7181875.