Our Mission

Together with our donors, serve as the leading catalyst for building vibrant communities through meaningful philanthropy.

We do this by

  • Connecting donors to needs and causes that are meaningful to them.
  • Investing donors’ funds prudently to achieve lasting results.
  •  Leading collaborative solutions to community issues. 


    "The Community Foundation is the lead philanthropic funder in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Many organizations, including us, look to them for cues on issues important to funders. They help identify community needs and priorities, and are innovators in philanthropy. They are the thought leaders, and conveners. They are a quiet, consistent, persistent presence in our community and make a difference in the most understated way." - Rena Blades, CEO of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County 

Our Goals

  •     Connect philanthropists and partners with opportunities to make a difference.
  •     Promote philanthropy in all we do.
  •     Identify, lead and collaborate on important community issues.
  •     Make strategic grants that address community issues and support effective nonprofits.
  •     Leverage our human, financial and informational capital to achieve lasting change.

Our Values

Serve as the guiding principles that shape and inform the way we approach our work, every day and always. 

  •  Integrity: We uphold the public trust placed in us and practice the highest ethical standards. We honor our commitments, remain objective and transparent and are respectful of our stakeholders.
  •  Passion: We believe in, practice and lead by example the vision and mission of the Foundation to inspire philanthropy to strengthen our communities.
  •  Inclusion: We respect and embrace the contributions, experiences and perspectives of all members of our communities. 
  • Collaboration: We value the power of partnerships with volunteers, community leaders, and civic and nonprofit organizations to provide programs, services and solutions that benefit our residents and communities.
  • Sustainability:  We build a legacy for future generations through responsible and thoughtful stewardship of the resources entrusted to us. 
  • Innovation: We pursue information and new approaches to stay informed and engaged to address our community needs and our donors’ intent.

Tax Information

The Community Foundation's EIN is 23-7181875. Read more about our financials here


Please view our latest Annual Report, brochures and more here.