The Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of trusted individuals providing the Community Foundation with leadership and guidance as we look for the best ways to serve clients and the community.

The PAC Ambassador Program is a newly launched initiative at the Foundation to connect up-and-coming professional advisors to our network while building diversity and sustainability throughout our PAC. Interested in joining our Ambassador Program? Reach out to Abby Axelrod-Wunderman to learn more.

Our Council Members

  • James A. Ballerano Jr.
  • Jeffrey Baskies
  • Bill Burnett
  • Tasha K. Dickinson
  • Rebecca G. Doane
  • Robert B. Dunkin II
  • Richard M. Flah
  • David A. Gart
  • Joshua Goldglantz
  • Stacey Hallberg
  • April Hicks
  • Marjorie A. Horwin
  • Elaine A. Humphreys
  • Seth Kaplan
  • Sasha A. Klein
  • Lawrence S. Klitzman
  • John Lacy
  • Thomas L. Marcacci
  • Rani Newman Mathura
  • Holly M. O'Neill
  • R. Brady Osborne Jr.
  • Adi Rappoport
  • Rick Reissman
  • Joseph Robinson
  • Tandy L. Robinson
  • Lisa A. Schneider
  • Mark J. Seski
  • Edward F. Smith III
  • John Thomas
  • James Tisdale

Philanthropic Advisory Council Ambassador Program

This is our first cohort, launched in 2020!

Lindsey Gerlock

Gina Nelson

Christine Vergari

Matthew Wahler