Matthew Mitchell Scholarship

While many people have the ability to positively influence the lives of others, few seize that opportunity to the fullest extent.  Sgt. Matthew “Bump” Mitchell has not only seized the opportunity, but he has led his life by that guiding principle. As a police officer, football coach, minister and advisor, Matthew served as an influential role model for many young men of Delray Beach. As the recipient of the Sun-Sentinel Publisher’s Award, he was honored for his 20 years of coaching the “Delray Rocks,” a youth football team credited with turning problematic youth into award-winning athletes.  The cash award was used establish a scholarship fund in his name.
“The greatest thing that has ever happened to us was getting involved with the Delray Rocks Football Team.  It has provided an avenue to touch many lives and do things for young people that an ordinary job wouldn’t let us do.  We create an atmosphere to work with youth, and the fulfillment of all this spills into adulthood. This work has given us the opportunity to grow and deal with all segments of society.”

“Bump Mitchell is as dedicated an individual as I’ve ever known in dealing with the youth of Delray Beach.  I’ve known him for 25 years, and he’s always been available to help kids, whether it be in delinquency matters, athletics, counseling, even to the point of taking children into his own home.  He’s a jewel in our community.  I wish we had more people like him.”
Former Mayor, Delray Beach

"I don’t know anyone who has contributed more to the well-being of our society than Bump Mitchell.  He was quarterback on Carver’s 1954 championship team and one of the truly great athletes we’ve had there.  Bump was truly versatile, lettering in football, baseball and track.  Perhaps his greatest contribution has been his work in the community with the Rocks Football Team.  He was honored a few years ago by our church as the recipient of the citizen of the year award, and is truly one of our most outstanding citizens of the last 30 years.”
                  -C. Spencer Pompey, 
                   Teacher and Coach