Grants from the Community Foundation

We pride ourselves on grantmaking that follows and often establishes best philanthropic practices.

The Community Foundation has awarded millions in grants and scholarships. Many grants are the result of a partnership of donors through Donor Advised Funds and collaborative grantmaking initiatives.

Grants available from our Community Impact Funds, which are established by visionary philanthropists, are awarded through an open and competitive application process. Applicants must meet our eligibility requirements and submit a proposal in one of our three focus areas: community revitalization, educational attainment, and positive youth development. Read more about these areas

Through focus groups, stakeholder interviews and data analysis, the above three focus areas were approved and adopted. We believe the Community Foundation is uniquely positioned and will be able to leverage our knowledge, work and funding to bring about real, tangible and long-term positive social change in these areas collaborating with all our partners.

If you would like to learn more about our new focus areas, take a look at the slides from our latest round of Grant Seeker Workshops.

Grants from Philanthropists

Many grants are made from funds that do not accept requests. These funds are established and advised by individual donors, and the distributions are determined by the donor for specific philanthropic purposes. Grant distributions are made on the suggestion of the donor or fund advisor, with final approval given by the Foundation’s board of directors.

Field of Interest Grants

Often philanthropists are passionate about a specific cause or group of people rather than a specific nonprofit. With these donors, we establish Field of Interest Funds. These funds support education, the arts, housing, feeding programs and more.

Each area of interest has specific goals. We accept proposals to this program by periodic invitation only.