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Five Ways Your Community Foundation Can Boost Holiday Joy

1. Build family connections through philanthropy

Charitable giving is a great way to bring families together. This year, consider browsing the community foundation’s website to discover information about the community you love. Print a few pages or articles to share with your family at holiday dinners or other gatherings. You may be surprised to see just how much every generation enjoys learning about the ways philanthropy is helping improve lives--even their own! Your family might even get inspired to make a joint gift to a charity you choose together. 

2. Use tax-savvy tools to donate appreciated stock or optimize your deductions

Year-end is the time to look at your potential income tax liabilities as you plan your charitable gifts. If you own highly-appreciated stock, consider working with the community foundation to make your year-end donations to several charities through your donor-advised fund by contributing the stock. Appreciated stock can be sold in your donor-advised fund for 100 cents on the dollar--no capital gains tax applies. You will have more money to support favorite charities from your fund than you would if you had sold the stock yourself!

3. Support your community’s most pressing needs

The community foundation is dedicated to growing philanthropy to meet the most critical needs of the people in our region. This is especially true during the holidays, when so many people in our community need help. Work with the team at the community foundation to find out how your year-end charitable dollars can make the biggest difference during the season of giving. Plus, the community foundation can help you select charities within your own areas of interest, whether it’s social services, scholarships, health care for the elderly, the arts, or other causes.

4. Connect the dots to your workplace giving program

Work, life, community, and wellness have converged in today’s social impact culture. Charitable giving is on the minds of your employer and your colleagues! According to Double the Donation, 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gifts programs to employees, and thousands of small and mid-sized businesses do as well. Surprisingly, an estimated $6 - $10 billion in matching gift funds are unclaimed each year. This holiday season, ask your community foundation for expert advice about making the most of your workplace giving program.

5. Give the gift of giving

More and more people want to support a child or grandchild’s favorite charity as a gift during the holiday season. For some, giving the gift of a donor-advised fund is a perfect way to take that popular concept to the next level. Work with your community foundation to pre-establish a donor-advised fund in the name of your child or grandchild. You can even fund it with your own appreciated stock or cash. Work with your community foundation to sign the paperwork, and wrap it all up in a bow for a heartwarming presentation!