Professional Advisors Council


The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties' Professional Advisors Council is a regional network of accomplished professionals with expertise in tax law, estate planning, accounting, wealth management and financial planning. Members of the Council share the common objectives of promoting philanthropy in our area and helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

We would like to recognize and thank the following advisors who have referred clients to the Foundation, or whose clients have named the Community Foundation in their planned gift.

Please inform us if you name should be added to the list below.


Dale T. Abrahamson, Esq., Abrahamson & Abrahamson

John S. Adams, The Wellspring Group

David G. Armstrong, Esq., Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

J. Daniel Brede, Esq., Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation, Inc.

Peter S. Broberg, Esq., Coe, Broberg and Austin, LLP

Brian G. Cheslack, Esq., Chapin, Ballerano & Cheslack

Richard B. Comiter, Esq., Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun, LLP

Frederick B. Devitt Jr., Esq., Devitt, Thistle and Devitt, P.A.

David B. Dickenson, Esq., Dickenson, Murphy, Rex and Sloan, P.A.

Edward Downey, Esq., Downey & Downey, P.A.

Richard M. Flah, CLU, Flah & Company

Robert P. Fritts, P.A., Robert P. Fritts P.A.

David A. Gart, Esq., Shutts & Bowen LLP

Daniel A. Hanley, Esq., Gunster 

William T. Hennessey III, Esq., Gunster

Thornton M. Henry, Esq., Jones, Foster, Johnston & Stubbs, P. A.

Roger C. Hurd, Esq., Hurd, Horvath & Ross, P.A.

Erik E. Joh, Esq., Hinman, Howard & Kattell LLP

Hon. Harry A. Johnston II, Jones, Foster, Johnston & Stubbs, P.A.

R. Marshall Jones, Jones Lowry

John Lacy, Merrill Lynch

Charles L. Lamn, CPA, Lamn, Krielow, Dytrych & Co., CPA

Jack Lansing, UBS

Jack R. Loving, Esq., Loving Scully Law Group PLLC

Thomas L. Marcacci, CFP, Sagemark Consulting

Peter Matwiczyk, Esq., Boyes, Farina & Matwiczyk

Phillip D. O'Connell Jr., Esq., Ciklin Lubitz Martens & O'Connell

R. Brady Osborne Jr., Esq., Osborne & Osborne, P.A.

Frank T. Pilotte, Esq., Murphy, Reid, LLP

David Pratt, Esq., Proskauer

Stephen M. Roegiers, CPA, Roegiers, Goldin Chappel Nall & Associates

Carl S. Rosen, Esq., Broad and Cassel

Lisa Schneider, Esq., Gunster

Gary B. Sellari, CPA, Divine, Blalock, Martin & Sellari, P.A.

James Sopko, Esq., Kramer, Sopko & Levenstein, P.A.

Sam T. Steger, Esq., Steger & Steger, P.A.

Donald R. Tescher, Esq., Tescher & Spallina, P. A.

John F. Thomas, Retired

Mary Traylor Larus, Diversified Trust

Kenneth A. Wenzel, Esq., Hankins Northwood Roman Wenzel, P.L.

Robert M. Wolf, Esq., Law Offices of Mann & Wolf, LLP