Nonprofit Endowments

An Investment in the Future

Building a long-term, revenue-producing permanent endowment is one of the best ways a nonprofit organization can build a stable financial future. Public charities often establish endowed funds at community foundations for their own benefit. They do this for a variety of reasons including a community foundation’s greater sophistication for administering long-term investments and greater assurance that principal will not be spent by the agency. 


Nonprofit endowments will:

  • Protect your organization’s endowed monies for future needs.
  • Provide annual income, depending on market performance.
  • Demonstrate to donors a commitment to long-range financial planning.
  •  Provide a way for donors to give complex gifts such as stocks, life insurance or property.
  • Increase investment yield, as agency endowments are pooled with the Community Foundation’s other funds to provide maximum return and lower fees.


Benefits of partnering with the Community Foundation:

  • Proven track record of endowment-building and fund management expertise.
  • Technical assistance with planned gifts that benefit the endowment.
  • Gift processing and administrative service.
  • Reduced or eliminated ongoing administrative burdens.
  • Yearly income in perpetuity. 


View the nonprofits who have turned to us to manage their endowments HERE.  

If you'd like to learn more about starting a Nonprofit Endowment Fund, please call us at (561) 659-6800.